When you walk into a Pine forest and see nothing but Fatwood, Pine pitch and a brew of Pine needle tea.


When you go for a tramp and forget to take anything but your knife and firesteel...


When you don't see a tree, you see Bows, Atlatls and a tracking stick.


You know you are a Bushcrafter When.......?



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When people cant understand why you spend days carving a spoon out of wood when you could just use one from kathmandu

When you convince yourself to take a wool blanket instead of a sleeping bag even though deep down you know it will be cold and uncomfortable all night
You know you are a Bushcrafter When.......?

.........you're quite content eating possum and rabbit with a puha and watercress salad instead of some ultra light freeze dried meal.

.........you go off into the bush with no destination in mind with your knife, firesteel and bushshirt and feel like your home.


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