Why should you join this network? Because we are a laid back community that love engaging in the natural world and learning to be self sufficient in the outdoors. If you enjoy any kind of outdoor activity then you can benefit from what bushcraft has to offer. But beware...its addictive!

BushcraftNZ has several features which make it the ideal place to learn, share, and help you get out there and enjoy yourself:

  • Tutorials and Videos to learn new skills, and share your knowledge with others
  • Groups to connect you with others who have the same interests or live in the same region.
  • Forums to interact and discuss everything bushcraft from what kit you carry to identifying the set of tracks you saw on your last outing.
  • Events to discover meets and outings in your area, or organise one yourself
  • Trading Post for members to buy sell and trade kit, clothing, crafts and natural resources such as flint and leather
  • Competitions and giveaways with some great gear to help you get out and enjoy yourself
  • Kit information and reviews to help you get out there with the right equipment

When you join you'll get a Blog and your own My Page to personalise and showcase Photos, Videos, RSS feeds, third-party widgets, and much more!

Click on the Sign Up link in the top right corner of the screen to get started.....

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