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Insect Repellent

 Member Benjamin Reimer suggests to use clove bud essential oil.
"As an insect repellent, Clove Bud oil is superior to any oil, or typical product off the shelf.
The oil is useful as both a repellent and a treatment to relieve the sting/itch.
Also, a powerful antioxidant, analgesic, etc. Great for toothache, burns..."

Benjamin recommends diluting the clove bud oil with olive or almond oil (or any other cold pressed oil, sesame would also work well) to act as a "carrier oil". A couple of drops clove bud oil to one tsp carrier oil.

Apply to skin or if it is sweating off too quickly, try applying to your clothes (i.e collar). Expect around 2 Hours maximum protection.

What has worked for you? Head to the Insect Repellent discussion to share with us.

First Aid

Talbert says:  My first aid kit I made out of a little black camera bag from the 2dollar shop on which i painted some red crosses and "fist Aid" with red paint. I keep all the stuff in a waterproof bag inside it.
It contains:

Latex gloves,
antiseptic wipes,
quick bandage 12x12 cm,
solid bandage,
antiseptic cream,
some tissues,
triangular bandage,
couple of non woven swabs in different sizes,
a small strong plastic bag,
a small first aid booklet, Pretty important!
a heap of plasters 10+,
steri strips ( not sure what they do hold wounds close?),
safety pins,
compeed anti blister plasters (AKA second skin) A MUST HAVE IN MY PACK! blisters on heels suck when you have a lot of walking to do!

Talbert also recommends doing a first aid course and keeping up do date with a good St Johns first aid book at home.

Ryan keeps a small first aid kit on him at all times in his satchel. (you can see it in this pic).

Its a bit "bare bones" and isn't as comprehensive as a full kit which is always a better idea if you have the room. The kit contains stuff related to the activities we do and the injuries I we large chance of inflicting on ourselves.

Cuts/scrapes: Antiseptic cream, steristrips, needle & thread, gauze, sticky dressings, tape, broad spectrum antibiotics

Burns: Parafin gauze, antiseptic cream, stick dressing, tape.

Headaches/wasp stings: Panadol, codeine.

Broken limb: A stick and my leather belt or duct tape for a splint

Splinters: Needle and razorblade

Want to Contribute? Go to the First Aid discussion

A few ebooks on the topic:
Wilderness first aid.pdf
Soft Tissue Injuries.pdf
Bush 1st aid chapter in Aids to Survival.pdf

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