How to Use Your Blog

Blog posts are the best medium for almost any written content such as sharing knowledge and experience, tutorials, Reviews, photos and write up of a recent outing, and anything else that you can share with other members.

They allow you to write in Rich Text, with lots ways to format the text just like a word processor. You can use number bullet points for steps in a tutorial, or add images into a post about the outing you went on last weekend. If the images are quite large, then using a free online web optimizer makes them more web friendly and makes your post load on people screens much quicker.

A concise and comprehensive title is really important, as its the "face" of the post and tell people whats inside

Using the HTML tab opens a whole world or customization giving you full control and allowing you to add widgets, videos from youtube, and almost anything else you can imagine. If you are interested in learning more about HTML, there is a free online HTML editor that makes it easy to learn.

Previewing the post before you publish it means that you get a sneak peak of what the final product will look like, its always a good idea.

Posts are the lifeblood of the network, and tags are the arteries that make them accessible. Tagging your content correctly means that everyone can find you post when they are looking for info on that particular topic. A tag essentially tells the network what your post is about, and certain tags (see Tag dictionary) are important to keep in mind to keep the network running smoothly even when the volume of posts grows. For example when writing a tutorial everyone tags with the word "tutorials", then their posts will be index in the Tutorials page (which essentially just brings up all posts that have that tag). Things to remember:

  • Tags are always lowercase
  • To add multiple tags, just separate them with a comma.
  • If a single tab has two words, enclose them with speech marks "like this" otherwise they will become two separate tags.
  • The tag should help autocomplete by suggesting an existing tag once you start typing
  • Tags can be changed after posting but it is best to try and tag correctly the first time round!

The dating of the post and privacy setting are fine to leave as they are, altering them is only recommended for advances users

All the best, now you can get writing! If you have any questions let me know

Last updated by Ryan Johnson-Hunt Jun 15, 2010.

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