"Kit" is a common term used to describe the gear that you take out with you. The bushcraft philosophy is about taking a minimal amount of solid, dependable, multipurpose equipment that is flexible enough to tackle any tasks and challenges that you may encounter.
Kit will change with the seasons, outdoor environment, and with personal preference. One piece of kit that is essential is a good knife. Your kit should evolve over time and the number of items should decrease over time as you cut out items that don't earn their keep.

One way to do this before an outing is to pick up each item that you are considering taking and think "Do I need this? Can its purpose be served by another item? What is the worst that will happen if I don't have it?" Then once you have returned, challenge each item and think "Did I need you? Did you earn your keep?" Over time it will become apparent quickly that something that in principle is a useful piece of equipment isn't actually used.

This may sound similar to ultralight tramping, but they are fundamentally different. Focusing on weight alone leads to space-age fabrics and materials that can shave several kilograms of your kit weight. The downside to this approach is that often strength and durability are compromised. With bushcraft, weight is a secondary concern, and focus is instead on simplicity and self sufficiency.

Member Martin Hunter's website has a great comprehensive kit checklist for 1-3 night outing on his website, along with pictures. His website in general is a fantastic resource and he brings a lot of experience to the network.

Below are a few videos to get you started, after that head to the drop down menu Kit menu at the top of the screen for more info, kit discussions, and much more

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