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As explained in How to use your blog, some tags are important to categorising your post and making sure that your post is retrieved when another member is reading about that topic. An example of this is the Tutorials page where it retrieves all posts tagged "tutorials". If you write a fantastic tutorial then you want it to come up on this page right? This is why some tags are important.

Remember that:
  • Tags are always lowercase
  • To add multiple tags, just separate them with a comma.
  • If a single tag has two words, enclose them with speech marks "like this" otherwise they will become two separate tags.
  • The tag should help autocomplete by suggesting an existing tag once you start typing
Tags can be changed after posting but it is best to try and tag correctly the first time round!

The dictionary for important tags and when you should use them:

"clothing"      Use when your post is anything about clothing. You can add other tags to be more specific.
"kit"              Use as a generic tag for any kind of kit
"knives"        Use when your post is knife related.
"outing"         Use when your post is about a past outing
"review"        Use when your post is reviewing a piece of kit or a product.
"shelter"        Use when your post is related to shelters.
"tutorials"      Use when writing a tutorial on any topic.
"fire"             Use when your post is about fire or firecraft

This list will grow as the volume of content expands so refer back now and them to make sure you are up to date

Last updated by Ryan Johnson-Hunt Aug 29, 2010.

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