Hi has anyone tried the Norwegian Army rucksacks that Kiwi Disposals have for sale??

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The backplate of the rucksack seems similar to the mondern day MOLLE frame, so I presume you can adjust the ruck sack to suit your needs.
I tried it out in the shop, it didnt really feel right on me no matter how I adjusted it. I have a long torso tho. I used the moray pack for awhile, it was a nice medium size. I sold it to buy a bigger 80L pack that I can always half fill and strap tight.

What kind of things do you want to use it for?
Hi Ryan,

Just as a cheap daysack for knocking around with nothing too serious. Just a water proof jacket, water bottle, lunch etc..

Eventually I'll get into the shop on K Rd and try one out.
I suspect that it may be disappointing like it was for me. The fabric did seem quite water resistant, if not waterproof, so you may be pleasantly surprised and I will eat my words!

They do have quite a few good packs so no doubt something there will tickle your fancy
Hi John, if your looking for a good day pack check out the British Army Patrol packs. Haven't seen them over here but anyway IMO they are hard to beat. 30litres, two side pockets, two pockets in the top, draw string closer, lashing points etc etc. If your interested i'll post some pics of mine.
Hi Neil,

Thanks for the offer it's always nice to see pictures of outdoor gear.

I do know the pack you're on about often they're called a NI patrol pack IIRC.


Yep I'll take a good look next time I'm up there. There are a few items I'd like to pick up. Hamilton does not have a surplus store since Doyles packed up.

Truth be told I've got a garage full of packs which I use as loan items for courses etc.

Still you can never have too much outdoor kit...
Hi Neil

I'd be interested in seeing some pics if you wanted to post them in a new discussion?
From looking around the net I think these look modular and quite flexible, but couldn't find any good photos.

I could have a chat to the owner of Kiwidisposals and see if he can get some in
i agree, i use a 120ltre british army bergen short back version its water proof and holds loads! the good thing is you can take off the 2 side pouches so you dont always have to carry the whole thing for light trips plus each side pouch is a 10ltre day sack with shoulder straps so its three bags in one.
It sounds great! Did you buy it in NZ or overseas?
hey ryan,i brought the bergen in uk where i live at the mo. my brother terry smith (also a bushcraft member)told me you can get them from kiwi disposals at about $300 but i payed about $150! the uksas use the short back version they are the best pack! i am hopefully coming to nz at the end of next year so if you want to wait for one i could prob bring one for ya at about the same cost? il put a few pics on so you can see k.
I suspect theres more to it than your long torso Ryan .Just looking at the photos ,I'd judge by it's short squat shape that it has been designed to sit high on the soldiers back so as to leave clearance for the belt kit underneath.
You will be right that makes a lot of sense. Or perhaps its meant for a blanket roll to be attached underneath?

There also may have been an adjustment possible that I didn't see I suppose....


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