Hi Guys. Here are some examples of my work going from when I first started out to the most recent examples. They are made of D2 steel. I am a low tech maker. I have a hard wheel bench grinder and drill press and have only recently added a belt and disk sander. All the rest is done by hand with hacksaw, coping saw and files and sand paper.


These first 3 are made from 4.5 mm thick steel. The Bottom one has a mortise tang. The blades on these ones are 120 mm long or there abouts. The handle material on the top and bottom ones is Green Canvas Micarta.


The top 2 of these 3 are 4.5mm thick the bottom one is 4 mm. Both brown handled ones are mortice tangs. The top one is my attempt at a Fallkniven S1. The bottom 2 have blades about 4.5 in long. The handle material on the top and bottom ones is Brown Canvas Micarta. The middle one has Green, black and pistachio G10 with flared tube rivets.



Of these last 3 the top 2 are 4 mm thick, the bottom one is 4.5mm thick and has a mortise tang. The top knife you may have already seen in my first post. The Middle knife has a 4.25 in blade and has black and red Linen Micarta handle the bottom knife is Black Canvas Micarta.


I'd eventually like to get my designs and finishing good enough to sell to cover my costs.


I'd appreciate any feedback that you all may have on them and I am more than happy to answer any questions that you may have too.

Thanks Kevin.  

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Very impressive thanks so much for sharing!
Thanks for the comments guys
Some top efforts, thanks for sharing those mate.
Kia ora Kevin. Sean Delany here. They look pretty good to me. As long as they do the job and keep a good edge, they'll be perfect. Keep up the good work...

So these are just ground and cut into shape, then drilled and then have a handle added? No heat treatment?

How do you make the crossguard on some of them?
Thanks for your comment. I send them to a professional heat treater, they are hardened and tempered to HRC 60 which is the sweet spot for D2, giving the best balance between toughness, edge-holding and ease of sharpening. The two with the stainless steel guards are press fit to a very tight tolerance and sealed with epoxy at the join. D2 is virtually stainless so as long as the tang/guard junction is sealed so no liquid can get in there are no worries about rust inside the handle.
I might try some of these myself. Where's the heat treater based?
It is a crowd called Heat Treatments Limited in Auckland
Are these for sale?
Hi Lachlan not sure what the rules are here on this forum about selling stuff, but yes. Which one are you interested in?
No problems with selling stuff on here Kevin, feel free to put a few up at the Trading Post if you want as well. Up to you.
Do they come with sheaths?


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