Hi Ryan,

Hows it all going mate?Its been a while since I was on line.Lots
happened in the last 2 years namely a baby!!!Also I have become a MSC
Bush 1 Instructor and Bush Coordinator for the MSC here in Queenstown.I
am now running a variety of Bush Courses.The MSC is now coupled with
Duke of Edinborough.For instance I have 30 School kids we are taking out
to do a course Introduction to Bush Craft(its more of and intro to
tramping in NZ) for there DOE Bronze W.e have been doing this up The
Greenstone Valley in the past.Couple of weeks ago we took a River Safety
Crossing Course throwing people into the Shotover. Also the Hunts courses which are now run Buy NZDA I highly recommend this for all outdoors men and women.

Adventure Walks have been keeping me busy November saw me spend 21 days
straight in the bush which didn't please the wife much.I did a couple of
10 day walks from Haast to the Holiford stopped in to see Bean Sprout
at Gorge River. (NZ most isolated Family)They are awesome.Have also been
putting a few heli hike into Skippers Canyon together awesome history
in there. I am off into Fiordland with 7 Germans tomorrow.Heading over
Mt Titiroa. Most of the walks are off track the only way to go!!!

I have been trying to get out in the Bush for a hunt as much as
possible.I some how got volenteered to be the local Deers Stalkers Hunts
Co-ordinater  so have put together a few Hunts for the Club.10 of us
went down The Wiauhirirhiri. Undoubtably the best Jet Boat ride in the world.

Even took the wife and boy for 4 days. Had a
few Thar hunts but now gearing up for my usual month in Fiordland for
the roar. Will post some photos.

Search and Rescue has been thank God quiet his year we have only had 3
searches all in the Route Burn Area all found fairly fast. I did designed
a new tracking stick and survival staff will post some photos of that
too when I get a chance.

You still keen to get an Bush Craft NZ weekend together? I have a heap of
great spots in Fiordland where a Bush Craft mind melt would be
perfect .I was thinking of making it an annual thing over a long
weekend. What do you think?


Also I like your map how can I get Adventure Walks on it?


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