I am really new to bushcraft and am livin in the UK. I plan on moving to NZ soon and just wish to kno where i can get bushcraft equipment (knives, rope etc.)? Ive searched the internet but am struggling to find anyhing.


Any help appreciated :)


Curtis Johnson

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Comment by barnsey on May 5, 2011 at 11:41


If you are after dedicated carving  knives rather than bushcraft knives try http://www.leevalleytools.com/

This canadian company has an extensive range all all woodworking stuff. The best thing is they only quote shipping cost after the parcel is made up and therefore shippings cost are very reasonable. If you buy anything from this site be sure and buy a block of their highly rated Honing compound,its awesome.

  I have just received an order from Greenmanbushcraft in the UK. They have been very helpful. I bought a few carbon steel clippers because they hard to come by here and a bunch of firesteels.

The Genuine mora clipper has a nicer sheath than the bacho version in nz. I bought one of the Mora




bushcraft trilex blades. The diferential hardening and the 60RC edge interested me. It was very easy to sharpen, because the single bevel is very wider and provides a very stable angle guide. I was making a fire piston from a very hard piece of manuka and was suprise the see the edge significantly damage after using the knife for scrapping. Obviously the blade is harder and more prone to chipping.

Comment by Scott Hamilton on April 9, 2011 at 20:49
The places here to buy Bushcraft gear is very limited, most gear I have has come from shops not related to Bushcraft at all. Paracord etc is like $1.20 a metre here from Kiwi Disposals, which in my opinion makes this cord to expensive to use, bring a roll with you. Kiwi Disposals is pretty much the only resource for Army Surplus clothing, at least it is in Christchurch. Basha's are like $70 so stuff like this bring with you. The Mora knives are much more readily available in the UK, and even with exchange rates cheaper in UK, so buy a couple and bring them with you.

Comment by Curtis Johnson on March 31, 2011 at 6:23
Thanks for that mate, really appreciated, we plan on moving to the Hamilton area ( or somewhere near hamilton) and I've checked out that great website. :)


Comment by Ryan Johnson-Hunt on March 24, 2011 at 8:46
Hi, great to hear you plan on coming to NZ we are lucky enough to have plenty of outdoors to explore. Do you know where you plan to move to? I know of a few places in auckland. One to the best is a big army surplus store called kiwidisposals which you can order from online which is handy.

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