Hello everyone.

I was wondering, what size would be ideal for a small bushcraft knife?

I have very small hands, and I wouldn't mind a knife that's small, but still able to do most bushcraft tasks.I have my eye on the Condor mini bushlore knife. If anyone has one, or has used one, I would appreciate their opinion.



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Hi Jelena

I see you are a member of the Knives and Knifesmithing Group, have you had a chance to check out some of the videos on the group page?

Hi Jelena,

A good ratio is the blade should be equal to the spread of your palm. Don't worry about the size of the knife, you can do big things with a sharp knife so long as it is maintained. I use the Scandi grind on my work knives and knives I use for "play" as it is the easiest to sharpen since the bevel on the blade is its own guide.

I use the Bahco wrecking knife and Bahco Mora at work and the Helle Temagami outside work and its the only style of grind I will carry now.

Search for Marttiini, Mora, Eka on trademe, you might find a bargain. 

Thanks for all you imput, everyone!

Ryan: yes, I've watched all the videos. They were all very helpful, I just wanted a bit more info.

JRW: I'd prefer a scandi grind as well. I tried to sharpen a double beveled knife once, and just ruined the edge!

Joe: thanks for the links, I'll have a look!

So, no one has anything to say about the Condor knife?

Condor looks like a stout wee knife, have you got a supplier in NZ for Condor knives? You might get stung for shipping otherwise and I wouldn't mind adding a Nessmuk to my collection.

I've just read that the Condor isn't available for international shipping. Huge pity, I really did like that knife.

The Top Gear knife shop appear to be the NZ distributor, I would ring them to get a quote for ordering it in for you.

I've officially ordered my first bushcraft knife! I can't wait for it to arrive!!

Guess which one I picked: Mora or condor?

I'll guess Mora?

Hmm Mora? Or did you find a supplier of the Condor who ships Internationally?

Either Knife is good, now comes the wait!

No, getting a Mora would have been the sensible, safe choice so I got the Condor! I know that Mora's are really good and all, but I really liked the Condor.

I've bought my Condor bushlore mini from knifecenter.com. I had to use the cheapest shipping, so it'll arrive in 17-30 days. 

So long!!!

Congrats on finding a way of getting your Condor! That was your original choice wasn't it? Yep waiting always sucks! Be sure to post a pic of your Condor once it arrives. I am looking at getting a Helle Harding to add to the collection later this month.


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