Hello everyone,

I am Matthieu.

I am french and I've been in NZ since 1,5 years.

It's been a while I am interested in bushcraft but I've never actually practiced this hobby. And my fiancee offered me a knife for my birthday so I have decided to really start practicing.

I will first do a practice session close to Whangarei in November. And I hope I will be able to continue later maybe closer to Auckland.

I am still buying my stuff so if anyone have some advice on equipment and stores?



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Equipment i will suggest is just some basics , a ferro rod, some firestarters, a tarp or lightweight tent, a cheap decent sleeping bag or if ya brave enough wool blanket, a pot, maybe a stove such as a gas or meths stove whilst ya practice firecraft, a cheap decent backpack, a foam or inflatble pad, some rain gear or ponchos etc just a few examples of what you may ormay not need,as for stores,Trade Me you can find some quality used items or new 

Blessed Trails

Ras Da Bushman 

Welcome Matthieu!

Head to our community Trading Post for a good start, in particular there is a website run by member Simon Amos with some good stuff (http://southislandsurvival.co.nz/shop/).

One of my favorites is the Army and Outdoors shop on K rd in Auckland. Packs and clothing as well as paracord.

Also check out the BushcraftNZ Map of NZ for ideas of where to go, and please contribute to it!

Good luck!

Hi Matthieu, It would be helpful if you could find someone in your area who has already got some bush experience and would be able to assist you in the first instance.

Good luck


Thanks everyone I will have a look around.

I think I just miss a portable pot and a tarp.

Maybe another ferro rod and a cheaper knife (mora) to play with it without fear to damage the more expansive one. It s one similar to this one (https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/536180273/bushcraft-knife-classic-5...). Do you think it s good for bushcraft?

The rest I can use what I have even if it s not perfect at list that good enough to start.

I already visited k road shop and bought a magnesium bar and some paracord. I will check there backpack and tarp.


Hi Matthieu. Here is a link to an article that might help out. The items listed in the article can be changed to suit what you like. 


Going on day walks along tramping/hiking paths is a great way to get in some bush time, identify plants, do a bit of exploring, practice navigation etc. No need to wait for an organised vacation. We can get into the bush every weekend if we that is what we desire.

Hope this helps bro. 


Kia Ora Bro,

as for experience, i agree, go out with someone if ya can on day trips or short nature walks, maybe in your area you could do a loop of several reserves, explore some plants off the beaten track ( not too far thou! ) accustom to the sounds, sights and smells of nature reserves will in doing so help you out in your quest of never-ending learning and art of Bush craft, i know there is some campsites not too far off the trails of some reserves in or around Auckland, paying to use sites may seem unusual but camping in the bush or at established tent sites in the bush can go long way too appreciate and adapt to the bush. Ask local hunters or Trampers for camping options and your sincere intentions, many will help with info about what and where you may able to go.

Good Luck Bro,

Blessed Trails

RDB aka Kesate 

Thank you.

I will try do to some day hike where I will be a little more focused on the flora and try to go a little off road.

Thank you for the budget link I will have a look and see if the bahco knife is still at bunnings. With a folding saw I think that s all I am missing.

For the Tarp there is some kit to add eyelets if needed. I already have it for camping.

If you are ever in Taranaki contact me. I will do what I can to help you


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