Many years ago i had the fortunate experience of being accepted into the "deercullers" training school at Dipflat on the Wairau river out of Nelson. One of the first things we learnt was that we could always find dry tinder in the wettest of bush. This has stood the test of time for me and i have never wanted for lack of dry tinder when i needed it. Under treeferns, dry moss, dry bark from fallen trees, dry bark/roots under banks. It's there if you look. Now we have "firestarters" and "lighters". With dry paper in our packs.Little gas stoves and all sorts of handy gadgets. There should be no reason why you cant get a fire going. Include the means to keep yourself warm and fed in your planning before u go into the hills. Small "plastic" "ziplock" bags abound around the house nowdays, use them them to their full potential.They can be a simple "life saver. Make sure u BRING THEM OUT OF THE BUSH WITH U.   

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