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Clothing Layering System:

Layering your clothing the right way allows you to carry a minimum amount of clothing items for a maximum number of situations. The key is to use versatile pieces that can, as the name suggests, be layered in different ways to keep you comfortable in all weather scenarios. The simplicity and versatility is key to the bushcraft spirit, and the focus of this series will be on robust and time-tested garments and not be on the latest space age fabrics.

The base layer: In the clothing layering system, a base layer is one that is against the skin. An effective base layer is warm, breathable, and will wick moisture away from the skins surface that way increasing comfort and help in regulating body temperature. In bushcraft we value traveling light and try to maximise different uses for an item. Therefore we want our base layer not only to be effective when part of our layering system in the cold, we also want it to be one we can strip down to when it warms up or we are exerting ourselves....Read on

Coming soon... Middle layer and Shell

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Below are a few videos of interest

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