Just wanted to know if any Bushcrafters in Waikato want to possibly get together and do a overnighter or two sometime towards the end of the year! Kinda around the time i plan to take annual leave off work and get some more dirt time! YAY DIRT TIME

I have a few blocks of family bush land here in the Waikato, a few close to Te Puroa forestry, just shy south of Ngaruawahia and some bush blocks near Taupo. ( Warning ) it is Maori land but their are technically no issuances of laws so to speak (I.E: Fire permit so be careful and don't make a huge fire sorta basic safety guidelines, common sense ya know ) 

Practice our skills, plait each others hair, kumbaya songs around the fire pit and all that sweetness ( If ya want! ) Try find some streams to go eeling if that is apart of ya bush experience. 

Will have to advise committee members of my honest bushcraft intentions but should be all goods.

(Safety first ) Just in case some other family members are using the bush, hence why i will have to ask first, ask permission, not forgiveness am i right .   

Just wanted to put the offer out there and see what the locals here in the waikato think. 

Out of towners welcome if they can travel and that and fits into their schedule ( thats what i like about the ole timers, no time commitments such as family, work, just sitting in the bush, brewing medicinals, building things, living off the land, ahhhhh the sweet life. 

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Hi Kesate

I could be in mate if it is available. I have been working at doing something similar at Puhoi Village, north of Auckland. It is taking more time than I expected so I am very interested in finally meeting up with some guys and practicing and sharing bushcraft skills.

Go for it mate! So good to see some activity happening : ) Can I help out at all?

I don't know about plaiting each others hair lol. I don't have any lol, and nobody is going to touch my head anyway haha.

Thanks Dave for the message, if i can get at least three of us that would be great. Once we have three i will make the required notice to the committee members to let them know we will be in the bush ( plus someone will know where we are just in case we get lost, two birds one stone ) and we will go from there .

But yeah towards the end of the year. 

Good to hear people want to actually be out in the woods with someone, sharing skills and tips and dirt time, not discussing it! ( But that is good too! as well ) 

I will also see which is easier for those intending to come, Ngaruawahia - raglan ish family bush or taupo. 

The taupo block is way bigger but it is a long travel

At this stage I can attend any of those locations. Since we are looking at the holidays I will have the time to travel to any of them. 

I will repost a blog I did recently call Budget Bushcraft. It may be useful for helping people get some kit together and promoting interest in your get together.

Thanks Kesate. Dave 

General area  This is a link to a map to show the general vicinity of the area for close to raglan area as i mentioned.

Some of these blocks do not openly and directly lead back on to crown land, you will have to pass through some other blocks of land, some of which i have no title in them, so i am a bit iffy if somebody catches us " trepassing " on their land. I know personally from years of experience as a child some blocks do have a puna or freshwater spring so that is handy. My old man who owns the share titles in these blocks said it should be alright for these blocks here in the waikato to practice bushcraft and apparently during the 80's, was used by the army as a training region for, bush survival. I will get some more info transferred in the meantime and will check out the taupo block of the land which is a couple of thousand HA and backs on to crown lands as a back up plan. Long travel but could be fun!

One of my work mates who is a butcher is contemplating about joining us as he is also a bushcrafter, mainly hunter, but enjoys the woods experience as well.  So we may have a full team but will get confirmation from him in about a month. 

Also i start studying my National cert in outdoor rec activities: bushcraft strand next week and might do a response video to your budget bushcraft blog from my 4 experiences doing daytrip scouting trips in bushcraft 

Have a good one!


Hey Dave. My mate is keen to come and is going to teach me how to trap small game. If ya still keen let me know. Maybe next friday till Sunday but will advise well in advance. Cheers brother

Hi Kesate. Am busy for the next few weeks mate. Sorry but can't make it. In April I was thinking more like toward the holiday period but have recently made plans for a hunting trip to National Park bro.

Yeah sweet as, if ya want to, we can suss something out for April, if that's cool, i will get some annual leave around then sweet as!


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