So summer is here and around my place I have been finding bits of white fluffy stuff and have no idea what it is. It's not cotton I know that much.

I wanted to see if would make good tinder so I gathered up a bunch of it (see below)

It only took like 5 minutes to gather that much and I wasn't trying to go fast.

I fluffed it out and using a crappy light my fire firesteel I struck sparks onto it and it went up within like the first strike! It didn't burn for very long but I didn't gather tonnes of it and it was a bit windy, I just wanted to see how easily it would go up.

It could also supplement a tinder bundle of feather stick shavings or something to help get a good flame going.

Now I need to make a ember with the bow drill method and use that to line my tinder bundle nest to see how easy it will be.

That will hopefully be within the next week or so. I'll keep you posted.



P.s. If anyone knows what it is I would really appreciate it.

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Not sure what it is but great find! A few shavings of fatwood and you would be set even in the wind

Yeah I want to try and get my hands on some fatwood

Cool find. 

Thanks, do you get any of it around your place?

Haven't seen any before. Is it still around?

Yeah it's around even more now since summer is now well and truly here. I think I know which trees it is coming from (I don't know the type of tree though) as that is where the stuff seems to situated on the ground but I haven't seen any of those seed pod branch things (top photo) on the trees. I'll take a closer look later and maybe upload a photo of the tree


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