I feel an important section would outline different procedures for dealing with injury (of oneself or another), steps to take in a emergency, the best items to carry should one occur and which items are available from the bush in these occasions.
Obviously, there is a lot of knowledge here that would fall into the 'first aid' category, which would best be garnered from a St Johns handbook, but asides from this, we have plenty of additional knowledge which does not fall within those pages, and is rather more specific to the bush.

Saying that, a contribution may just be something simple like a effective homemade insect repellent, as everybody likes one of these at times, yet it's not worth using those ghastly store bought products.

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That is a great suggestion you are right, safety really does have to come first. The fact that we typically seek isolation makes even a small injury dangerous.

I have created a new page under the KIT tab, I have also given you rights to edit the note. How you would feel about fleshing it out with some basics? I have made a link to a "health and safety" category in the forum.

Different paragraphs/topics could link to specific discussions that get brought up in this category (for example a paragraph on insect repellent could have a link to a discussion)

This way the Health and Safety page is like a summary which can be continually updated with new info, with links in case the reader would like to add their opinion on a specific topic.

How does that sound?


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