Video by Dave (youtube username Colhane) who says:

Years ago I set up my Newt Livesay NRGS neck knife as a PSK. I have found the concept of the neck knife PSK to be very useful. In this video I show the contents of the kit and discuss some of my reasoning behind the items I include.

I've had a few requests for a written list of the kit contents...

The rubber is bicycle inner tube cut to length. This rubber also serves as emergency tinder if need be.

SHELTER - Seven strand Paracord & handle wrap, Needle and waxed line for clothing repair. This kit is light on shelter resources, but it is a small kit.

FIRE - BSA Hotspark, Cotton treated with Vaseline, 2 birthday candles, inner tube rubber.

WATER - Two 10 oz milk bags, 20 mg Potassium Permanganate. This would only allow me to treat 20 oz of water at a time and it takes a half hour to treat water with KMnO4. At a water source that would translate into 40 oz an hour which is good enough.

SIGNALS - Day/Night Mirror, LED Light, Fire/Smoke, Whistle

NAVIGATION - 20 mm Button Compass

FOOD - #4 waxed line for snares, traps, or fishing. I give food a very low priority in small survival kits, its just not a killer.

You can make a similar kit around many different neck knives. The Becker BK-11 or RAT Izula would be good candidates if you can't find an NRGS.

Make your kit what you need it to be for your area and needs. These contents have worked for me for many years from Alaska to Brazil and points in between.

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Comment by Scott Hamilton on October 10, 2010 at 19:38
If you took some sugar, or glycerin, or ethol glycol, you can mix this with the potassium permanganate and get spontaneous fire.

Comment by Talbert de Jong on July 20, 2010 at 12:55
Im quit comfortable seeing someone in the bush carying a knive.
Why the worry about concealing it? I would not carry my survival gear when going for a flat white in ponsnoby anyway..

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