Hello again everyone. Well it's been a long journey trying to get to NZ! Looks like things are about to start going very quickly now and should be there by the end of the year at the latest. It looks like bushcraft NZ has come on leaps and bounds since I lasts posted. Since leaving Ray Mears company Woodlore, last year, I have been working with my old friend and boss Paul Kirtley. Previously the course director for Ray Mears he has now started his own company frontier bushcraft and adventure. As well as the website frontierbushcraft.com he also has a blog paulkirtley.co.uk . Both are fantastic sources of free information and articles for people interested in the subject. I would urge you all to have a look at the articles. You can sign up for email reminders of new information. Some of the information is of course based on uk plants and environments but the core skills remain the same throughout the world. It looks like I will be based in the Auckland area to start with, due to my wife's work. I am looking to be involved with bushcraft in NZ and once I have taken in all the new plants and trees along with indigenous skills I hope to start teaching. Who knows maybe Frontier New Zealand! I will endeavour to stay in touch regularly from now on.

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