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Best Campfire Photo Competition (ends Sept 3rd 2017)

Upload your best campfire photo to win a $50 voucher to Army and Outdoors (also known as Kiwi Disposals) who ship nationwide.

Simply create a blog post and upload the photo along with a short blurb about where, how, and why you made the campfire. Be sure to add a "fire" tag to the post (comment below with any questions on how to do…


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New eBook in the BushcraftNZ Library: The Ten Bushcraft eBooks by Robert Graves

Head the the BushcraftNZ Library to find it and many more. Its free to join!

The author of "The 10 Bushcraft Books", Richard Graves, is a member of the Irish literary family of that name. He is also the author of "Creating Customers" and "More About Creating Customers", two authoritative works on marketing.…


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Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties eBook by Daniel C. Beard

Just came accross this great resource on all aspects of shelter production (hat tip to woodtrekker.blogspot.com).This ebook is now the newest addtion to the BushcraftNZ library and can be found…


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Nature (repost from artofmanliness.com)

One of the many blogs I subscribe to and read on a regular basis is The Art of Manliness. Its chock full of thoughts and ideas aiming to "revive the lost art of manliness" with everything from skills our grandads would have considered essential (how to shave with a cut-throat razor) to inspirations on what it means to…


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Wild foods and resources maps - Auckland and Christchurch

This topic is borderline bushcraft, probably more in the environmentalist/far left domain of "urban foraging". I just think its a great concept and if nothing else a remarkable feat of collaboration. (Thanks to Nadia for telling me about it)

Both the…


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Choosing an Axe (in NZ)

Recently found some great resources on selecting an axe from jackmtn.com


"An axe with a longer handle is safer than one with a shorter handle. The longer handle allows the user to position himself further from the impact point. The further this distance is, the greater the safety buffer.  There’s much…


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Bushcraft Manual

A bushcraft manual has been published to help trampers stay safe in the great outdoors.

The New Zealand Mountain Safety Council guide includes tips on trip planning, managing risk, river safety and emergency procedures.

It is aimed at both novices and those with experience to help people enjoy the bush safely.

About 400 search and rescue operations were carried out in the bush last year. More than three quarters of those needing rescue were New Zealanders.



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Bear Grylls to fundraise in NZ

Hard-core survivalist Bear Grylls is set to make his Kiwi debut to raise money for a children's hospital and the families of the Pike River miners.

The adventure-mad Briton, star of "reality" TV show Man vs. Wild, has been confirmed for two New Zealand events next month as part of a charity fundraiser.

Grylls, 36, began his climb to fame in 1998, when he entered the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest Briton to conquer Everest, just two years after breaking his back…


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Food Review: Mainstay Rations

Last weekend I put to the test a product which I have heard about on overseas websites and recently found out have one lone NZ supplier. Mainstay rations are designed to a pretty much indestructible food that you can store for an emergency or take with you in the outdoors.

Now I have tried some of these "emergency" foods before and to be honest it was like gnawing on cardboard. But hey they were for emergencies, desperate times call for desperate measures right? In that kind of… Continue

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BushcraftNZ Outing Featured in Waikato Times

The upcoming Waikato outing on the 4-5th Sept recently featured in the Waikato Times! Not sure that I am 100% on the title but hopefully it will generate interest in the event and the network in general.

Click on the image below to enlarge…


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Free First Issue of BCUSA Magazine

The very first edition of BushcraftUSA Magazine is hot off the press! I have been given permission by the founders of BushcraftUSA to distribute the Magazine to our members. This is very generous of them and we are very grateful. In return they ask that it is kept in its original form, and that the source should be acknowledged.

I am sure that you will enjoy it, and look forward to the next edition. Please let them know if you have… Continue

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Series of 16 Flintknapping Videos

A series of 16 tutorials on flintknapping by John Olsen.

Bio: Through scratching and grinding rocks, John Olsen has made many authentic replica artifacts. He majored in ceramics in college and began making primitive items with native clays.

Filmmaker: Mike Phillips…


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Mapping Bushcraft Spots in Your Local Region

I found a cool feature of Google Maps that I have put to good use for our Auckland Group. You can create map that is unlisted (hidden to the public unless you have the URL address) that members can add to with the spots they have visited. Use this link to… Continue

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Lewis and Matt Tramping

Lewis and Matt are two lads from Wanganui who have made their own website www.lewismatttramping.com all about their tramping and bushcraft exploits which heaps of good info and videos. They have also just joined our network so you can check out their profile.

Its great to see young kiwis getting stuck into the outdoors, and its pretty clear by… Continue

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Armyshop.co.nz Bushcraft Prizepack (CLOSED)

Congratulations to Mike McGavin whose name was drawn, he wins the Bushcraft Prizepack! Well done Mike I'm sure this gear will be put to good use with all your adventures.

Also congratulations to Nancy who wins a prize for the…

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Realistic Wilderness Survival, Staying Alive in the Real World

Written by Tim Smith from Jack Mountain Bushcraft

Survival is not dying. Wilderness survival is not dying in the wilderness. The simple fact that one is in the bush does not mean that rationally solving the problems associated with survival must now entail enormous, overpriced knives, combat-style clothing, and a mindset derived from exposure to countless Hollywood-style…


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Outing: A Day in Hunua

Just returned from a great day in my favourite local pine forest. Heres a google map if you are interested in visiting it yourself. The forecast was for showers in the afternoon so I set out early. I love this forest as there is room to walk around and explore (unlike most native forests) and… Continue

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Win a Great Prize Pack with our Tutorial Competition (CLOSED)

---This competition has ended, the winner was John Swarbrick for his tutorial How to enjoy a Steak and Kumara dinner in the bush. Congratulations John!----

With the nationwide launch of the network coming up on the… Continue

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Swanndri Modifications

I finally splashed out and bought a swanndri off trademe that actually fits me (the ones I have are a little tight) and is a plain dark green. It will arrive in a few days, looking forward to trying it out.

In the meantime I am trying to research way to reproof them. Straight from the shop they are great at shedding water, the effect seems to wear off over a few years. The…

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Traditional Plant Use By Maori

Recently I stumbled across this little gem, which is a great resource for NZ bushcraft. A section of the website Eske-Style (yes that's its name) is entirely devoted to traditional plant use by Maori. Just like anything, it may not be wise to base everything on one source so make sure to research from multiple reputable sources,… Continue

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