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Returning here for the moment, from being in Ecuador, Peru n Bolivia. It was wonderful to be home

Be it immersed within the misty soft warm rains in the Los Cedros cloud forest reserva where I previously lived, loved n worked for over a year n 1/2, guiding n instructing others in bushcraft, ethnobotany n permaculture n within the 45000 acres of old growth forests with more diversity then most spaces on the planet.

Bathing neith waterfalls n in the wild meandering river, dancing-writing-playing music, sharing stories with others who prefer to live a deeper more meaningful existence…


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Ray Mears, Bear Grylls, Les Stroud n others

For those who chose to do so...

Here's access to free torrents, be they of Ray Mears, Bear Grylls, Les Stroud, shows n a few books, etc.

I do advocate people supporting these individuals n purchasing thems directly from them or their web sites rther then thru an indirect source.

Thus, supporting the individual not the corporations>

I recognize not all folks are at the income level of being able to…


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More resources for ya folks..a Great publication


Bulletin of Primitive Technology

from The Society of Primitive Technology

Check it out,

Youll be a happy camper that you did...

The Society of Primitive Technology is a non-profit organization dedicated to the research, practice, and teaching of primitive technology.

The purpose of the Society of Primitive Technology…


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Abo links

Abo Links

The Cyber-Shelter for Primitive Living Skills.

Boulder Outdoor Survival School, Inc.

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Oil KIll: The Gulf of Mexico Killing Fields. What BP Doesnt Want You Thinking About and then acting upon.

We are involved with Indigenous life skills.

There's nothing primitive about it to me

as whilst living for years in So. America

during which I lived and loved living life, amonst the Huaroni tribe and visiting other tribes for various durations.

The health of all of the Natural world I feel should

(theres that for some taboo word..should)

be of the utmost priority concern for us.

Those of us who…


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