Hi everyone,

I'd like to make a spoon, but I don't know what woods are suitable. 

I know that you can use apple, pear and beech, but I haven't seen any of those trees around. Well, I haven't seen any apple or pear around. I'm not sure what beech looks like.

So, what can I use?



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Hello jalena, I guess you want a wood that is none toxic but I would say that kanuka,rimu, matai or tawa should be fine or though kanuka is a hard wood to work but looks attractive when polished up.

Thanks for replying, Rob Mac. Isn't rimu quite resinous? I read that resinous woods can add flavour to food if used in utensils. Have you used it?

I don't suppose there are any really common trees that can be used? I'm terrible at tree I.D.

Yeah, pohutukawa would be nice.

I carved a spoon out of feijoa . Worked out ok. I often use when eating a stew or curried goat. The goat is always harvested with my recurve bow

Thanks guys, I'll try the rimu and pohutukawa!


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