As per the post title really...

What knife do you use out in the Bush?? I've had a few TBH and currently I use a Fallkniven F1.

So let us know what you use....

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Nice knives Philip. How long does it take to make a small knife like your 5th from the bottom knife with the light brown handle?

I like the kukris too.

My flat mate just pulled a kukri from under her moms house. It had been under there for about 10 years. Her dad bought it when he worked in Nepal. She gave me the kukri to clean up and polish so she can display it. I haven't started to work on it yet but I was slicing up note paper with it like a razor. Not bad for a knife that has not been used in 10 years. 

Yes, most of those Nepal Kukri i read somewhere that they are made from old Mercedes Benz leaf springs.. 5160 steel..

The knife is made from an old file. First I anneal the steel, grind to shape then re harden , temper for two hours , clean it . then put the handles on. All in all about 5 hours.

Are you a knife maker too?? I am currently making couple of knives in 01 steel. I picked up the knife steel from Auckland last week.

Hi Dave here is another knife I made recently. Just my version of the Mora knife. Its made from a fully harden bar of M2 High Speed steel , ( chipper blade).. Its got good edge holding.

Looks good mate. I don't make knives myself. I am only just starting out in bushcraft and learning about knives and everything else.. I have bought more knives than I will ever need but someone keeps making new ones so I will probably keep shopping lol. 

Mate you should try and give it a go, nothing more satisfying than making and using your own blade.

Plus its a lot cheaper too. 

i see that M4 steel knives cost big $$$$$ to buy , you can make your own for less than $100...

Over the years, I've used a few. Currently - since it's an old favourite - I use a Mora (Frost) the most. It can be used as a striker for fire-steels (spine of the blade); skinning, carving and cutting with the first third of the blade and for splitting modest logs with the body of the blade (using another log as a 'hammer' and the knife as the 'wedge'). It's easy to sharpen and holds a good edge.

Others that have proven to be useful/serviceable/well-priced/durable have been the Swiss Army Knife Soldier's Model; British Aircrew Survival Knife (Wilkie); and Kukhris (sourced in Nepal). 

I don't believe you have to spend a fortune to get a good one; nor feel inadequet (or not properly equipped!) if you don't have the (so-called) 'best' high-spec, famous-person-endorsed model. A good formula for an all-round decent knife might well be: good steel blade; a full tang; 3"- 5" hollow ground blade with a drop-point; Rockwell Hardness (RHC) in the mid to late fifties; a moulded plastic or shaped-wood handle (with allowance for a wrist-loop or lanyard) and a durable, easy-drain/clean scabbard with (ideally) a knife-securing/locking strap.


I've got two Mora's of different thicknesses, and a cheapo folding Gerber. But last year I decided to make my own with the help of a much more experienced friend. The result is my go anywhere bush knife made from 4.5 m high carbon. Means more work keeping it happy, but the edge is awesome and it's imbued with my soul ;-)

I just started Bushcrafting for the last few months and have just started carving and whittling but i have found that the Ole Hickory 7" Butchers knife to be fairly good, great qualities too for $40, 1095 High Carbon, strikes a ferro rod, not too big or small for my hands ( I have gorilla hands) not the best for whittling and carving as their are other purposeful and built items but overall a decent inexpensive knife.   

I carry the SOG Force Tactical Survival Knife, Schrade Frontier Fixed Knife Leather Sheath SCHF42 and the Survival Knife With LED Torch / Fire Starter / Belt Cutter / Window Breaker.


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