Hi, I love to see programs or movies on wilderness survival and self reliance, also bushcraft skills and movies using skills and techniques. Sick of going to sites and seeing under this type of thread movies like '28 days' and ' Zombieland', Bushcraft website mate- not TEOTWAWKI site.


What have you seen and would you recommend.


I will start



My side of the mountain

Survival Quest- bit unsure if this qualifies

Snow walker

Jeremiah Jackson

A cry in the Wild- this was the novel 'Hatchet'


Have seen lots of instructional videos which I will not name.




Dual Survival- which I have only seen a couple

Man, Women,Wild- loving this at the moment, great to see the interaction between him and his wife.

Out of the Wild

Beyond Survival- Les Stroud again


A documentary I watched called " The Real Heroes of Telemark', was really good. Boy those boys were hard as hell.

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I have the the entire collection of Ray Mears shows on my laptop from his first snippets in the "Country Tracks" series.
Great stuff, I never get tired of watching him.

The best one I have seen so far is "Alone in the wilderness", the story of Dick Pronekke who was only supposed to go in and see if he could survive a full year in the Alaskan wilderness and ended up staying more than 20 years.
Yeah, I have watch all the Dick Pronneke stuff, was not bad at all. Have not really watched any Ray Mears stuff except for ' the real heroes of Telemark'. Those boys were tough.
Yep, that they were.

The series I'm watching at the moment is his Northern Wilderness series, all about life in the very northern parts of Canada during the frontier days when fortunes were made in gold and furs.
Some of those trappers sound real hard men when you think of what they had to endure.


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