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 wot do you all think about the sling bow taking big game ?? i dont no  i put up 3 videos


thanks all



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I watched Dave Canterbury's modifications to a slingshot with interest.
He seems to think it could take reasonable sized game.
A lot of people seem to struggle with the mechanics of good shooting form with a bow- maybe this would appeal to them.
It also allows hunting with a minimum of gear / packing space. There is interest in take down bows and crossbows for this reason.
Personally though I prefer the bow.
One interesting thing though, give someone a slingshot and they rarely ask 'how do I aim?', most people easily understand 'look at the target and shoot'.
Maybe this is a good way to teach beginners in archery instinctive shooting?

Let us know if you try this method out!
I have come across a lot of people on the internet saying that they have been unable to get the slingbow working as shown, not sure why? I love the idea, as I trap possums I want a small and light hunting weapon, I carry so many traps on my back, carrying a bow as well is just to much weight. I am currently trying to build a version from plywood ( like lots of slingshots made by home based builders ) and a 10mm spear gun rubber. I have found getting the right type of slingshot rubber difficult, you can buy Thera-bands in Nz, but not in the gold as far as I can find. These are flat bands that top slingshotters are using at the moment, in excess of 200fps if I remember right. But if you use more layers of thinner bands, instead of just a thick band, it is faster. If you use a whisker biscuit make sure you have it supported, if the band hits it it could easily break it. I think with the right bands you could get enough poundage draw to take down anything in NZ, if you can pull it back. I hunt with a 60 pound draw bow and it puts arrows straight through Goats and then into trees behind it, so if you could get a 45 pound draw, which is legal bow hunting poundage, big game should be no issue. Just finished an Atlatl, just need to make a decent dart tip. I am keen to give all primitive type hunting techniques a go, as it can be done with no money if you want. Not that the slingbow is primitive.

Hi all, 

You can buy Theraband GOLD from http://www.dme.co.nz/productDetails.aspx?ProductID=252 , pretty pricy.

HI All im making a sling bow, it seems to go ok i may have to modify rubber bands or buy them from gun city. the good bands are $ 25 I think they are 30% more fps
You can buy Thera-bands from here
These are the flat bands the top guys are using, you will have to cut into strips, but several thinner strips is faster than 1 thick one the same size, you cannot buy the most powerful thera-band here but you can go as high as the grey one. I have just scored an old red rubber inner tube, these are supposed to be good so I will give it a shot. Have you priced the whisker biscuit yet, get ready for a shock.


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