my name is Gudni and I'm from Iceland. I was raised in a small town with the country by my side where i worked mostly as a carpenter before i headed into university to study building engineering. I've done some bird and reindeer hunting and fishing over the years and I like collecting my own food. I also enjoy hiking and just being surrounded by nature where I can forget myself in beautiful scenery. 

I'm coming on the 7. of September and plan on living bushcraft style for 60 days somewhere in the wild part of NZ. I do have some questions that I will post on the general discussion forum so if you could pitch in some knowledge it would be greatly appreciated! 

Story behind this in short is that I've wanted to go to NZ for some time now and have had this dream of living of the land in solitude for a few years. I'ts kind of corny but this interest of hiking somewhere alone really caught me when I read the Hobbit a few years back. This has nothing to do with the film making done in NZ but still you might say its the appropriate place to do this.

Even though I've never hunted with a bow before I've been practicing at a local archery club and I would like to take one with me, instead of a gun, along with a fishing rod, some trap material and a book about edible plants.

Anyways I'm super excited to come and experience your country. I will fly in through Auckland and stay there for a couple of days while I gather provisions and gear. If someone experienced is up for a cup of coffee and a talk before i head on that would be really nice. 


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Hi Gudni,

That sounds like a fantastic trip you have planned. With regards to hunting with a bow you should have a look here with regards to minimum requirements and a permit to hunt As far as fishing goes you would need a fishing licence which should be purchased from Fish and Game And as far as traps go you would be wanting to only use a leg hold trap designed for possums etc. I would suggest reading over the DOC website thoroughly to establish what species you can hunt and where. Also check the pesticide summary for the area you intend to hunt for any recent operations which may have affected the animal populations there. There are actually quite a small amount of edible plants in the NZ bush so I would take plenty of food to tide you over. If you are filming this trip I would be very interested to see the footage afterward.


Corey Parker.


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