Hey guys...

Don't know how many of you will read this but I joined this forum a couple of weeks ago really hoping to talk to other people who like the outdoors and bushcraft like me. But I have only really talked to one person about a book that i put on my blog. Most of the post seem to be from a few years ago so I was wondering if anyone still jumped on here and stuff. I was really looking forward to talking and gaining knowledge from others...


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Yea bro. It is a bit of a quiet site lol.

Maybe it is about numbers? I don't know how many people know about the site. I may do a quick shout-out on my youtube channel (disgustingly shameless plug lol) to see if I can spread the word a bit. There are some really good contributors to this site but it can be disheartening with the low response to blogs and discussions. It could be that everyone is out in the bush a lot, which would be a good thing I guess lol.

Ryan started this site but there is something we can all do to help energise it: visit the site regularly, sign in each time so that we can "Like" every discussion or blog (that motivates more blogs) and drop a comment or blog of our own every now and then.

Yeah cool as.... whats your Youtube channel? I'll go check it out.

daveoutdoorsnz. Just a hobby channel but I like the bush and doing videos. Thanks mate.

Hey Zebedy. It has slowed down recently, but I have found over time that activity comes in bursts - especially in summer when everyone is out and about. 

Oh ok cool as. Glad to know


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