Hi to all. Orignally from the UK, have been in country 8yrs this Sep and loved every moment. Spent many enjoyable years hunting, shooting, fishing and what we now call bushcraft in the UK. Work here has ment not as much time spent in the bush as i would have liked. Looking forward to spending more time from now on. May well catch some of you out there. A big thanks to Bushcraft NZ

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Hey Neil,
good you have you on board- this is a good country for the hunting, shhoting, fishing!
Cheers Neil nice to meet you. We have a couple of members who are originally from the UK actually, many of them with years of bushcraft experience.

I echo the feeling of getting out enough, we just try and get out when we can, just on a 2 week uni break myself so looking forward to getting out a bit.

Anyway look to hearing more about what you get up to and what you would like to learn more about.
Thanks Ryan, one of the things i struggle with here in NZ is finding and identifing bush tucker. To be honest i think i would starve. Back in the UK it never seemed to be an issue. This summer i hope to get out more and set myself some goals like finding a couple of plants a week.
Its very true, its very tough to sustain yourself on native edibles over here. Even the maori had to bring Kumara over as a staple. One book I can recommend is the Field Guide to the Native Edible Plants of NZ is the most comprehensive book I've found on this topic. I have a lot to learn myself, I set out on a 3 day trip into the bush around Bethel's Beach in west auckland last year aiming to forage and fish only. The handful of things I actually found were not filling at all and I ended up using my backup food. Of course this is mainly a testament to how much I need to learn but still illustrates that it aint easy!
I think we may have a book or two that has a little info on wild edibles in the BushcraftNZ Library (under the groups tab). Join the group and PM me your address and I'll send them out to you if you'd like.


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