Liam introduced me to this site.  Thanks Liam.

Like some other folks have mentioned, I know very few Kiwis who are passionate about primitive skills or the knowledge necessary to live in the bush disconnected from things we have in the city.   I know a number of hunters and trampers of course... and these folks certainly spend time in the outdoors and appreciate it... but they seem to have a slightly different 'angle' compared to me.

My interests are fairly wide in this field, but I have heaps to learn.   I've played around with all sorts of primitive ideas, but the thing that grabs me the most, currently, is trapping.  I haven't done any for a while but I still think about it.

I've been fairly preoccupied with other things lately.   My wife and I have a business, plus we've recently moved into a new home and there is a lot to be done.  I'm in the process of building a garden shed, and there are still many hours ahead of me to spend in laying paving and establishing a garden.   But the garden shed is very likely to be a place where I can store my primitive 'things', dry some possum skins..... and maybe tackle a few projects.  I was delighted the other day when my wife announced that she'd like a possum skin 'throw' for the bed.  Yee-hah.... I'll enjoy gathering the materials for that.

I hope this site takes off as planned.   I think that people who are interested in bushcraft make good, responsible, caring citizens.   It is a great thing for kids too.... a much better interest, in my opinion, than many of the other things that young folks can get involved in.

Best wishes.... Stephen Coote

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Welcome Stephen!
Nice bit of poaching on my behalf!
I know you will fit right in here and have a lot teach us as we all learn together. I have a copy of your ebook and am going to upload it here as a resource for all to enjoy. I too hope this site grows as it should.

Hi Stephen. Your sense of "coming from a different angle" is one that resounds with my own experience, and I am sure that other members feel the same way.

Trapping is also something that I am very keen to focus on in the near future, along with tracking (they are very intertwined I suppose). Like yourself I am quite busy, thankfully I have a lull for the next 3 weeks and I plan to make full use of it! Have you used traps to catch possums yet?

I definitely agree with idea of getting kids and families involved, and I know that Scott Hamilton is passionate about this as well. Tomorrow I am going to the library to check out a whole lot of Bushcraft/Wilderness skills books, a few of which are for children. I'll be posting book reviews and long term I would like to accumulate a small library that members can borrow from. I have posted this in the suggestion box for everyone to give feedback on.

Anyway its great to have you on board, this network is all about everyone contributing and thats how its going to really take off and thrive.

Have I trapped possums? Sure have. Although I have used commercial cage traps and leg-hold traps, my main interest is using simple snares. I guess I might have snared over 300 possums using snares made from cord or wire cable. I prefer braided nylon cord. I've written quite a bit about this and posted it on another website. I will try to track down the original material and post it here.

Yes thats what I meant, snares. last year I read up extensively, and have most probably stumbled across your material. I planned to snare a possum, skin it and brain tan it in the field. A little ambitious haha but hey worth a shot.
I am organising a small outing up in Auckland in July, hopefully outings in the south island will be soon to follow.
Getting groups out there is one of the main goals, members can search for other members in their region and organise them though the Events feature.
Would be great if you could publish your material, heres a quick how to. From there at can be linked to in a Trapping Group which I don't see being very far away. Exciting!
Stephen, it's fantastic to have you on-board. I think you'll be able to add a lot to the community! I agree on your comment around the "angle". When I moved to this fine shore 7 years ago from my native UK I was absolutely thrilled to see how many kiwis are into the outdoors and have a real care for the environment, but I was also somewhat surprised by how many seemed to know so little about it. I did an alpine climbing course a few years back and was surpirsed that the first thing on the agenda was how to use a map and compass; I was taught that in school when I was young (though it might not be taught these days I suppose). This site is a real gem, though, and I really hope it grows, as you and Liam say, as it should....
Thanks Martin.

I hope this site grows too. I think the most important thing we can do is to have an active site with some excellent content. And the other thing is to maintain a good 'vibe' here. A place where people feel free to speak up without ridicule, where posts are responded to, and where questions are answered.


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