Has anyone used these? I can see how good they would be, especially in wet weather when the ground is soggy. Long term I would like to purchase something like a Hennessy Hammock but they are quite pricey so i want to make sure they are worth it. I like the quick setup time. Are they cold though?

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I was just browsing the Cabela's (American) website, and came across a nifty Hammock/Tent (it can be used as both).

There is supposed to be a Cabela's New Zealand Website, but I can't seem to access it.

Below is the link to the Hammock/Tent from the American Cabela's Website ...


Hello Joe,

Just wondering what model of Hennesy Hammock you've got (a side opening or bottom opening one). The super shelter only works with certain models doesn't it?

Cheers, J

Yep, I have a Hennessy Expedition A-Sym Zip and it's pretty good. There are a couple of challenges relating to heating in colder months like the others mentioned, but also condensation. If you're not insulated correctly you can get quite a lot of moisture build up. I slept in mine about midsummer with a 3 season sleeping bag (kind of half unzipped, was a bit warm), a cheap foam pad underneath me and nothing else, and got quite a lot of condensation formed between the sleeping pad and the sleeping bag. So yeah, interesting things happen with moisture and insulation and stuff.

But I've also slept in a tent since I got the hammock and it's not a lot of fun. Generally if I find a comfortable enough spot on the ground, I don't bother with a tent anyway.

They also have some really clever design features and other bits and pieces like snakeskins which allow you to set up and take down the hammock in a few minutes. Built in bug net is always good. "Tree-huggers", which are basically just wide straps that you use instead of rope to avoid cutting into the tree bark and causing damage. 

They're just generally better in my opinion, WAY more comfortable.... I've even slept above gorse, where tenting would be impossible.


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