Hi all, I was wondering whether anyone is aware of a source of reasonable flint near them? I am aware that the limestone around Kaikoura and up the East coast of the NI yields nodules, though I don't know of any specific locations. There is a little bit of flint in my home city Wellington - it has been dumped in the harbour by passing vessels from Europe that used flint nodules as ballast in the past - though after some searching I've never found any, and the geology around here has only a little limestone so there's not much natural (I think -- please corrent me if someone knows otherwise!). I did a bit of flint knapping in the UK years ago and Stephen's book on ancient skills has spurred me into the thought to do a little more...

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I'm interested!   Can you see any flaws in the flint?  in other words, do you think you could make nice large flakes from the nodule or do you think it might crumble a bit?

Best wishes... Coote

Hi Stephen, it's pretty variable from what I saw. I came away with a nice foot-sized lump that is not fissured and seems 'flawless', but some of the blocks I saw looked like they would shatter into tiny bits. There were also plenty of hand-sized flakes, but I would think making anything bigger than an arrow-head would be tricky. That said - we have to go with what we can get I suppose! The area I visited was on Cape Campbell station, where the limestone ridge down the back of Cape Campbell cliffs out at the coast. Hope this helps!

There is a good source of obsidian in the upper reaches of the Kaeo River in Northland, near Kerikeri. Has good clears, and have seen pieces up to grapefruit size.  Gives nice conchoidal fractures, although not sure how easy it would be to work fine detail.  Found lots of natural flakes and chips on the numerous shingle banks easily accessed along the Waiare Road.


Thanks for that mate, especially helpful with the map too. I don't get up north much but next time I am I will check it out.

When you have a second, it would be great if you could add this spot to a collaborative map I am trying to get up and running, a "Bushcraft Map of NZ". Im unsure if others are able to edit it (and if the instructions are clear enough!) would you mind trying to add this spot to it and give me some feedback?

The map can be found by hovering the mouse over the HOME tab

Appreciate it!

now we are talking about obsidian. Is it different than chert/flint. If so I have a big chunk in my garden, sharp as!

hi, yes they are different materials. obsidian is extruded from volcanoes as volcanic glass (igneous), flint forms in certain sedimentary layers like chalk or limestone so depending on whether your garden is sitting on igneous or sedimentary bedrock this will tell you what it is (probably - i.e. unless its been moved from somewhere else!). they can both be used for tool making so if you have a sizable chunk you are in luck!

I would also love to get my hands on a nice piece of flint, if anyone finds a source here in nz


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