I would also love to get my hands on one or two pieces of flint if anyone knows of a source here in nz

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If its for fire making, argillite is a passable alternative.. not quite as sharp or "glassy" but it makes adequate sparks for char cloth. As far as flit knapping goes, im not sure. i know it was used by Maori for tool making..


hope this helps.

Hi Ross thanks for the reply. Yes it's for fire lighting, do you know if you can find argillite anywhere south of Canterbury as I live in Otago.

And thanks for your help,

Cheers to you Ross

Some one was asking about where to get  obsidian for knapping  in the north island and if i remember correctly  was being directed way up north  but Rotorua is closer and If you drive along state hiway 30  there is a place where the toe of a ridge has been dozed and the centre of the face is almost solid obsidian  I have a couple of blocks one about 10 lbs and the other around 6  hope this helps    Rob

I have some flint and can get more if anyone is interested, also have obsidian and other knapping stone, I run a small lapidary/mineral & gemstone shop as well as making and modifying knives and tools. Send me a message and we can arrange something for getting some flint to whoever needs it.
I'm in NZ, in Auckland actually...

Hi are you still running the gem shop in Auckland? I need some flint too if possible. I realise your post was from some time ago so hope you get this message...


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