These are Great to put in your survival kit doesn't matter if they get wet.


Check them out on my trademe auction



Flint Diameter: 0.3inch/0.8cm 
Flint Length: 2.95inch /7.5cm, this is longer and easier to start a fire 
Lenght from head to end: 4.17inch/10.6cm 
Material: Flint (magnesium), Scraper (iron) 
Weight: 42g or 1.48oz

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Hi Jeremy

These work really well I have used one before, coupled with a bit or vasaline soaked cotton wool it even started while it was drizzling!

Cheers, feel free to link to any further trademe auctions (as long as they are bushcraft related of course!)

Hi Jeremy,

Here is an article with a bit of  historical background on these fire steels, in case you get any enquiries.

In fact they are not really flint nor magnesium.

Do you have a source of a number of fire steels? Your price looks better than the shops.

Some sport shops charge through the nose for these.


best wishes


Get them cheaper here....

At the moment works out to be about $6.00, with free shipping.

I always add cotton balls soaked in vaseline to give me a far better chance of starting a fire urgently.



No offence mate, But $14 is a bit much for a bit of flint and $6 for shipping... NO DEAL.


Hi Lachlan

Have you had a chance to use a firesteel/ferrocerium rod before? We have a good discussion on the difference between flint the naturally occuring stone and a ferrocerium rod here.

Basically if you are out in the damp you would have my utmost respect if you could use a piece of flint and steel to light a fire. If you can, kudos to you. A firesteel rod made of ferrocerium such as the one here will burn much much hotter, and will last much much longer.

These are great for a survival kit or to keep in your kit and are usually cost more, this is a deal.

Personally, I don't really see the point in these fire starters.


For me, a lighter in a snap lock bag has always done the trick.


The same goes for the cotton buds in vasaline, I've always just carried some kerosene with me, it burns hotter and it's just as easy to light.

I agree about the lighter, I always take at least two, one round neck, the other in belt bag. I have used steel wool soaked in meths but can normally get a fire going without it now, except when real wet, have used the vas balls they are good too.

The Vaseline soaked balls are brilliant, if you feel a hot spot you can squeeze a bit of Vaseline out of the wool and lube that hot spot before a blister or chafing forms.

I carry a ferrocerium rod and piece of hacksaw blade in my kit anyway, if on my own I use a lighter but a lot of kids and adults get a kick out of seeing a fire lit with just a spark.

I agree that having a lighter is an easy way to start a fire but personally I feel that practicing fire starting with be it fire steel, primitive method like bow drill and stuff are essential skills if one is to be into bushcrafting or survival =) 

I mean lighters have failed me countless times even when they are sealed in ziplocks lol~ There is always a "what if" in every situation, so yea... firesteels are great IMHO =)

Has anyone used a fresnel magnifier lens before? These things can melt a copper coin! If you have sun you have fire, maybe as a backup to the lighter and the fire steel?

Never tried magnifier lens before but I heard its very very very difficult to succeed. I guess the environment you are in must be suitable as well =)

Magnifying glasses are a bit to start fires with. Only been able to do its once on a really hot summers day . I had surform rasp shavings left over and used them to start it up. 

Lighters are really annoying sometimes with the wind - try lighting a candle outside and you'le spend 5 mins trying to find a suitable wind shield.

Do you get any of these problems with these types of fire starters? If you had say a bit of toilet paper tube for your starter, would you be able to light that up pretty easily and quickly?


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