Ok, so you are in a survival situation, You have started the fire with one of the many methods discussed.

How do you keep that sucker going?

In the days of primitive man pre matches etc, lighting a fire with flint and steel etc was not used for every meal, the fire was maintained, coals were carried from camp to camp to keep the fire going, woe betide the person responsible for letting the fire go out!

Does anyone know how to do this?

Also you may have to leave your fire in order to hunt, gather more dry wood, forage etc. How do you keep the fire going unattended? You won't want to make a bonfire in the hope that it;s still going on your return. The forest might have caught alight instead.


Your thoughts would be appreciated

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I understand you can use stuffs like cattails and tinder fungus to store an amber, I dont know how "primitive" this goes lol but the will last for awhile =)

 Theres also the method of using a log to make store an amber underneath it as shown by Adam from Equip2Endure (great guy), he mention about getting out into the woods and coming back and having an amber ready =)

How to Build a Fire by Insulating Embers 




Bear Grylls, You know those fungus that grow off the side of trees and they are rock hard. If you break one of them off and put the ember in the middle make sure its 100% dry and he also said about 1inc if that stuff would burn 3-4 hours with a ember in it

yea the cattails ember thing can be seen on 'Dual survival' on i believe the first episode if you want to see it with your own eyes

Hi Jeff,

Two things come to mind neither of which I've tried so no guarantees ok.

First one is building an "upside down fire". Basically a fire you light from the top. The embers fall in and it's meant to burn for a long time. You'll some videos on this if you Google it.

Other one is something I heard years ago ( can't remember where ) and I've got no evidence to back it up, but it's always stuck in my mind...

I believe the Maoris of old would get some spaghnum or similar material smouldering and take it with them in a flax basket that was attached to a chord. On getting to their destination, they would whirl the basket around fanning it into flame.

Could be worth a try



Cheers Frank I like the spaghnum idea! I will give this a try and take a look at the cattails too, thanks all


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