New series called 'Dual Survival', have been able to watch only one episode, Series one episode two and it is based in New Zealand, Glacier country.

Thought you all may like a heads up.

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I enjoyed viewing the complete series, at least the 1st season as I do not know if they plan another season.

The personal dynamics / mutual respect between Cody n Dave grew n deepened in respect for their personal

 differences as the series continued which is good to see as early on their is definite conflict, especially coming

 from Dave n his red neck closed mindness n arrogence of ignorance at times.



Im uploading the episodes from season two to our videos section. Just search videos for "Dual Survival" tags and they will all come up

Yeah sometimes its pretty obviously planned and resources are planted. I remember one episode Dave found the bottom of a glass bottle when making a bow and arrow, which he flintknapped into an arrow head. But hey it makes for good viewing! The more juicy titbits of info I can see in one episode the better, even if some of it isn't "natural". Hell some of my 2 day expeditions are pretty event free, could show the highlights in 10min!

Some may be planted sure, but as a fulltime possum trapper you should see the stuff I come across in the bush, found an old rabbiters camp the other day and that would have had over a dozen old swappa crate bottles in the area. 

You have me there! Score tho, some chump probably had to eat their baked beans cold that night....while getting the cold shoulder from his mates for dropping the gas canister on the walk there!


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