Just wondering what cutting tools you guys take to the bush. As a rule i take a fixed blade knife, Leatherman and folding saw. Up to now these have covered all my needs and more, but i'am contemplating getting a small camp axe, maybe a Granfors if i can find one here. Does anyone use one? And are they worth the extra weight in the NZ bush.

I'am thinking of getting one as part of a canoe kit, for a trip i plan to do this summer. Anyway would be interested in any views on the use on axes in NZ.

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I take a folding saw, a small axe (cheap and cheerful but holds a reasonable edge) and folding gerber game pro knife. This covers camping and fishing and hopefully soon some hunting. The axe is really useful and I am looking at upgrading, and like you was considering a Granfors axe. I am keen on getting the mini belt axe- small and light and good for making bows as well. They seem pretty hard to get hold of here in N.Z. though- maybe someone here will know of how to get hold of one.

Be good to hear about your canoe kit.

I generally take a folding saw Sandvik ( bahco) laplander which is available from Bunnings for about $15.00 and is really good.

A fixed blade knife and a smaller folding knife...

With that set up I can cut most reasonable fire wood and baton what I need..

If I'm not planning on walking too far I'll take an axe I have a Gransfors Small Forest Axe. It's ok and does a good job splitting etc.

Gransfors have no distributor here in NZ but there was someone selling Wetterlings on Trade Me. They had a small belt hatchet for sale which I think I would find more useful than the SFA..

That's it...
The knife is number 1 on my list. I use for almost everything, and I keep the edge polished to a razor sharp edge. So far it has never let me down. Number 2 is the Machete. For my outdoor use, I tend to choose a Machete over an axe; because it lighter, It has more uses and I personally think it is more sutible to the NZ bush. I do have an axe, but I rarely use an axe in the bush, I think it is more sutible for Forrest like conditions. I am keen thought on a Cold Steel Gurkha Kukuri,as it combines the aspects of all three tools in one.
Hi Oshadhi welcome to the network. I also sometimes carry a machete, I find it more suitable to my needs as I am usually by myself and don't need copious amounts of fuel.

I can use my machete for cutting through supplejack and for quickly making large feathersticks when the wood is wet on the outside. The width of the blade lets you really get your weight into it, and I keep a small section of the blade close to the handle a sharp scandi grind (the rest of the blade convex). A quick description for grinds is here for those new to knife terminology.

In theory I could use the machete for digging (edible roots, latrines) although to be honest I never have. One downside of an machete over an axe is that it is much more dangerous and so must be used with constant caution. The though of it glancing off and sinking into my shinbone when I am in the middle of nowhere makes me shudder!

I also carry a fixed 4 inch blade around my neck that I use for 99% of tasks, and a leatherman style multitool that I have never actually used in the field hmmm....
I tend to use my leatherman proberly more than my main knife. Here's some of its jobs; sharpening my other tools, flatening barbs on hooks, cutting hooks, cutting fishing line, cutting cord, notching out hearth boards, removing splinters, opening cans, taking hot things off fires, etc etc etc. I don't need to go on we all know why their called multi tools. I look on mine as the tool that keeps the other tools going and would be lost with out it. Would i give up my other tools for just a multi tool? Now there's a debate! Proberly not, there's that saying "Jack of all trades, master of none."
I agree with Oshadi, I have a small hatchet but prefer my 10" machette over it. It seems to achieve nearly as much as a hatchet. When I have the money or time to make it, I am going to get a Golok, as they are thicker steel than a typical machette and should have more chopping power. My go to blade at the moment is a Bahco Builders wrecking Knife, It has a twin bevel chisel tip and a 100mm straight edge blade, and eats wood. I have even used it to split spars for bows. If you still want a hatchet I have seen some Wetterlings on Trade me, and http://www.top-gear.co.nz/ carries A wetterling small forest axe, as I understand it these are on par with Grunsfors.
IIRC Gransfors bought out Wetterlings. To all intents and purposes a Wetterlings is a good as a Gransfors and you can get em in NZ..
hey all, i have just got myself a british army tropical machete,light weight but very thick steel great item for fire steel.. and everything really. i think any good cutting tool is a must when venturing outdoors it could save your life!
Hi all, seems like carrying a machete is pretty popular! That's pretty interesting and informative! I usually carry only a small forest axe, a Gerber, as I find it carries an edge well for ages. The only downside is the handle, which is plastic, not my optimal choice nor easy to fix in the bush. The sandvik laplander and a 11cm fixed blade bush knife completes my kit. In all honesty I find the axe very useful for most camp tasks, but the knife is the only thing I wouldn't want to be caught without...
I carry my Martinii Condor (fixed blade knife) on my belt along with a small axe that made a handle and sheath for, a Victorinox Locksmith (folding knife with locking blade, wood saw and file) in my pocket and a home made bowsaw strapped to my pack.

Thats the extent of my blades although I have many many more. =D


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