What do you all think about over time accumulating bushcraft related book/dvds into a members library?

I had an idea that you would request the book on the site through some kind of system, so that the person with the book posts it to you. You then have the book for a set period of time, say 2 weeks, then you send it on to the next person in line.

That way postage evens out, and would only be a few dollars anyway. The site would have a record of who has the book and it all should be traceable.

There are many books and DVDs out there that have lots of great info, but aren't worth buying every one brand new. This system would overcome that and really help build community knowledge. I many be able to get some books sponsored or paid for by advertising.

What do you all think?

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Fantastic idea, I have several books that can be exchanged around.
I love the idea!
I have all of Ray Mears shows, minus one ( Survival with Ray Mears ep 1), on dvd.
Same for Survivor man
and soon all of Bear Grylls.

I have some other dvds as well.

Most of my books are still in the united slaves in storage,
but I have just a few here with me.
But Id love to share n have folks share back, especially with books.
Thanks for all the feedback, this will be up and going by next week. I'll keep you all updated....


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