Hi All, and welcome to all the new folks.   Sorry I haven't been very active on the site lately.  I'm still flat out trying to get our new section into shape.   It is beginning to look good now and we have a lot of plants in the garden.

Now that the days are warming up and getting longer I guess we are more likely to be getting out and about.   I havent been hunting for ages, and I'm looking forward to going out and maybe getting some meat for the freezer.   Our neighbours appear to be 'rabbit friendly', and they have provided a safe haven for several wild rabbits that have been tantalizing me and the dog.   I don't want to shoot or trap them and thus create a major un-neighborly incident, but maybe I will bag some of their offspring if they move farther afield.  Mind you, if they start chomping on my new plants I may review my earlier decision.

Best wishes... Stephen Coote, Nelson.

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I'm sure some could "go missing" one night without too much drama haha.

While we are on the subject have you ever tried tanning a rabbit fur?

I have been flat out myself I'm afraid, and it doesnt look to be letting up anytime soon. The good news is that it looks like my summer placement will be in my hometown (Whakatane) which will mean I can
1) get some family homecooked meals and
2) have some more rural surroundings to get out and enjoy. Its just not the same living in a concrete jungle!

Good to hear from your Stephen, cheers for the update
Yes.... I have cured a couple of rabbit skins. I think the first may have been done when I was at intermediate school. I used baking soda and kerosene and it made a reasonable job. The second was done with salt and sulphuric acid. This is a quick method that appears to be fairly reliable. The trouble with that recipe is that nowadays people are reluctant to sell sulphuric acid to members of the public. Also I don't know much about defining the strength of the acid. I think that acid out of a battery, for instance, while it is still sulphuric acid, may be more diluted than you might get from a chemical supply store.. However, the acid I got from a chemist seemed to do the trick.

I should brain tan a rabbit skin one day. I've never brain tanned anything, and I should try it. A rabbit skin would be a manageable size for the first attempt.
I also would like to have a play around with tanning over the summer. We have plenty of rabbits around and so I'll probably give brain tanning a go myself



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