Using the fire bow in New Zealand; not an indigenous method. Great video, especially like how its adapted for NZ materials. Its a good 8min long and goes into plenty of detail. Big thanks to Steve Kohler for putting it together.

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Comment by Jelena Middleton on February 11, 2012 at 15:41

This was and amazing video, really helpful. I especially liked the tree identification. Thanks so much.

Comment by Frank Williams on July 19, 2011 at 17:47

Awesome Steve,


I especially liked the bit about how to identify the trees. Mahoe is one of about six natives that competes very well with gorse ( it usually grows in the gullies of gorse covered hills ) but I'm very grateful for the identification details for Kaikomako which I did not know about.

I've been playing at getting fire using the method used by the Maori, which incidentally is the same as used by the Samoans... right down to the hand positions.


So far I've managed to make some smoke and charcoal but no fire. It's hard work and I seen to run out of grunt when I need it most. My impression is that fire making is for strong guys only but in this I could be wrong. I'm 85kg average build and as strong as at least 50% of guys my size so maybe a bit of technique can save a lot of work ? Any thoughts on this one ? 


Also for tinder, a dry Toi toi seed head is a never fail recipe when using matches. Maybe that's worth a go, but I really like your fern hair idea. The stuff is always available too.


Great video. Thanks ! 





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