If you are interested in camping and bushcraft the way our forefathers used to do it then you will love this book!

George Sears (Nessmuk) had this book published in 1920 but in it he relates his experience and expertise from trips into the wilds of the USA as far back as the 1800s.

It is written in an old english style that connects you with his time and the way people used to think and communicate back then. Nessmuk not only shares his thoughts on the times he lived in but also, by vivid examples of right and wrong, success and failure, best and just ok, he gives instruction and a few drawings on how to "smooth it" not "rough it" on wilderness adventures. 

Fire, shelter, campcraft, equipment and clothing, it is all covered here.

This book is an easy, fun read and easy to find. Fish Pond sells them for less than $20.

I am looking for more reads, fiction or nonfiction, related to bushcraft and survival. If you have any suggestions can you let me know? Thanks heaps.

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Comment by Zebedy on October 29, 2017 at 12:09
Ooohhhh... Cool I might have to check it out

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