Wild foods and resources maps - Auckland and Christchurch

This topic is borderline bushcraft, probably more in the environmentalist/far left domain of "urban foraging". I just think its a great concept and if nothing else a remarkable feat of collaboration. (Thanks to Nadia for telling me about it)

Both the Auckland/nationwide map and Christchurch map are open google maps meaning anyone can view them and anyone with a google account can add to them. Here are the summaries from the Christchurch map:

Otautahi (Christchurch) Urban Foraging
All over the city there is food that is being grown by nature, which falls on the ground and rots without being utilised. This group will function as a treasure map for the city, displaying information about foraging throughout the Christchurch area which are publicly accessible. This map is also open for persons who have food growing on their own property, yet are unable to consume everything that is produced, and are happy to share their natural resources with others. If you know of some under-utilised resource, feel free to add it to this map, including information on what time of year the food is best accessed, what it is, and any other required information. (map)
The Auckland map (which also has a scattering of locations nationwide) is more mainly focus on wild foods, and has some really good spots.
I would love to get a similar thing going for bushcraft spots. Over the years exploring Auckland I have come accross some really great locations that have a lot to offer. From great camping spots in a pine forest in the Hunuas to a cave on the west coast of the Manukau heads. I want to share these with people and in turn learn about new places to explore. So please check out the map and add to it, no matter where in NZ you are!
Here is a screenshot of the map, and here is a link to it: Bushcraft Spots - BushcraftNZ

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