Recently I have been working on an unfinished whittling project I started last year. These are photos I took back when I started it. As you can see I have a thick leather glove on my left hand, I learned my lesson with a few slips of the blade that thankfully didn't do too much damage! I deep cut would be very serious as I was by myself a good hour away from any medical service.

I choose a ball in cage design because it looks awesome and has moving parts. They look even better when chisels or powertools are used ( but that's cheating! =)

The wood is reasonably soft and easy to shape, although the downside of this is that it is very lightweight and feels "cheap". Using a hardwood like rimu or kauri would be MUCH harder work, but would yield a much more impressive result.

As you can see in the bottom picture I have tied around the top with string to reinforce this section, otherwise it would be very prone to cracking with the grain. At the moment one of the balls is completely free moving. Progress is slow but hey that's what whittling is all about, I find it relaxing and therapeutic.

Will post a follow up post when it is done with more pictures!

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