Another cold windy day. Even with the sun shining, its cold. How I wish that summer were here.


Mind you, winter gives us ample opportunity to sort out our gear, update and delete items out of date or surplus to our needs.


I'm watching a lot of Youtube vids, Dave Canterbury, Ray Mears, Survivorman Les Stroud, etc. No matter how many times I watch these vids, I keep finding new stuff to learn from.


Thats the key, I think. What worked for someone else does not neccessarily mean it will work for us. We all have to find our own way of doing things. Your ten piece kit may be different from mine, yet still be effective. I follow the 10 C's of Survivability, as taught by Dave Canterbury. As long as I have these in mind, I can use my own gear, and still be safe out there.


I have got a new job! I work as a security guard for Allied Security. It's great having a wage coming in. I hated being on the unemployment. Soul destroying, to put it mildly. How people can survive week after week, year after year on welfare, I don't understand.


So, now I can get those items I had always wanted. Now, I can afford to go places and do the camping, etc, buzz.


I cannot wait for Summer!!!!!

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Comment by Jeff Cameron on February 7, 2012 at 5:43

I think if you watch or listen to So Called experts like Les Stroud and Bear Grylls you need to be real carefull how you apply it.

For a true survival situation there are three things you need to remember, because in a true survival situation you will be stressed and thinking processes slow and become narrow.

1.You will die in three hours from exposure to extreme cold/wet.

2.Three days from a lack of water.

3.Three weeks from a lack of food. I don't recall anyone being found that was lost for longer than 3 weeks in New Zealand.

Tailor your efforts around getting warm and dry, then getting safe water, eating wild food that you don't know or can 100% identify could kill you.

Rotten zebra or whatever Bear ate is stupid as is most of his advice.

Ray Mears is good but because it's a show has to fill the time with something, keep it simple! Shelter-warmth-water!

Take this test to see if you know how to survive:

How did you do?



Comment by Rania Marsh on August 7, 2011 at 20:59

I know what you mean! I wish I could fly to Yankland and go crazy shopping there for all my bushcraft needs, because they sure are cheap there! But, usual story, I'd have to win the bleeding Lotto first to do it!


Ain't life a crapper!?!


Thanks for replying, my friend. Take care, and maybe see you in the bush one of these days!



Comment by edward frankham on August 6, 2011 at 23:19
I feel exactly the same , (minus having a job part lol ) it has been bad weather for last while and i have just been watching videos on youtube and getting out survival books from the library and trying to learn as much as i can before the good weather gets here and i can put it into practice. Dave canterbury is a great help and going by the ten c's of survival you cant go wrong . The only thing i find about his videos is that , in his common mans bushcraft kit where he sets up a kit for cheap is that , things that might be say $12 to him can turn out to be $25 for me.

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