Returning here for the moment, from being in Ecuador, Peru n Bolivia. It was wonderful to be home

Be it immersed within the misty soft warm rains in the Los Cedros cloud forest reserva where I previously lived, loved n worked for over a year n 1/2, guiding n instructing others in bushcraft, ethnobotany n permaculture n within the 45000 acres of old growth forests with more diversity then most spaces on the planet.

Bathing neith waterfalls n in the wild meandering river, dancing-writing-playing music, sharing stories with others who prefer to live a deeper more meaningful existence n meditating late into the night.

As well as experientially exploring further and learning more about living at one with nature, self n tribal community.

To live simply, peacefully n happily without all the superficialness n arrogence of most, but not all westerners, to be far away from the trappings of the shcity n modern living, if you can even call it living when caged in self perpetuated artificle enviornments bound by the illusion of humans being superior to nature n in human laws n in denial of natures laws, which in fact are not laws at all, but how we are intended to live our lives.

I also enjoyed returning home in a very real sense of the word in visiting my beloved family of friends,

who again I had lived, played n worked with, who are part of the Huaroni tribe.

Those who feel to me to be my part of my real family (not blood family)

ever since meeting them and living amongst them, accepted n welcomed into their lives and sharing so openly with me n I them.

The genuine kindness offered me n the intentional joyful n focused presence we all experienced of being together again.

I love being back out in the wilderness gathering my food, cooking over an open fire, making my own clothing, being able to drink the wild waters, building my own home, playing with the children n teasing to n fro those who I consider sane, healthy, balanced n full of life n love, people.

Its hard to be back in amongst the constrictive confines of NZ,

not much different from the united slaves, Canada n parts of Europe where I grew up.

Too often clueless, arrogent of their ignorance lost peoples who think they have it all when they have money, fame, material wealth, status, control over others, domination of nature, etc.

Nature existed before modern humans n will continue to again healed n healthily long after the last human decomposes n becomes...within the pulsing roots of a tree, dust dancing about in the sun warmed winds, blossoming petals of a flower....

Im off to Papa New Guine within the week to meet close friends who await me, but who I have yet to meet.

To do some ethnobotany, trekking but most of al to be open n attract into my life the opportunities of befriending n being befriended by those who are happy to share in our kindredness of interests.

Then after awhile to Boreno to continue my explores n loving life.

Ill likely post some fotos from my trip to South America, Papa New Guine n Borneo when I return to NZ

if I chose to return temporarily.....:)

Hope you all find your way home,

when you are ready to do so.

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