Hi Guys. Here are some photos of my overnighter in the Puhoi Village area.

Puhoi is 15 minutes north of the Auckland Harbor Bridge. I have been meaning to hook up with a couple of the Bushcraft NZ fellas and check out this area but timings and weather have made it difficult. On Friday I figured I would just pack and go regardless of the weather. At least it would be a chance to test my wet weather gear.

It was raining but not too heavy when I started out about 2pm Saturday. A slow walk up a steep and overgrown bank was first on the agenda.

I used my new Condor Hudson Bay knife to cut through the vines and branches blocking the way. The knife did a good job although a heavier machete would have been better. My full tang Kukri is heavy duty but was attached to my pack and I wanted to put the Condor through the paces. 

Once I was on top of the ridge I rebaited possum poison bait stations for the property owner. I traveled slowly looking for likely spots for future campsites. About 4.30pm I stopped and set up my hootchie space. First lesson learnt: don't leave camp set up too late. I did not give myself enough time to clear the ground, set up the hootchie plus mosquito net and bedding, cook up a feed and get myself and gear sorted for the night. Darkness came early and I was out of practice with my gear. I got it done eventually and had a warm, dry night after a feed of Big Eat Butter Chicken. 

Sunday morning had no rain and revealed awesome views so I took some photos, ate a muslie bar, packed up and continued along the ridge using my Kukri for brush clearing this time. I eventually came down hill to the creek, found more potential camp sites and walked out, arriving at my van just as the afternoon rain hit.

Camp site on the ridge above punga forest. The Nikwax spray on my hootchie (recommended by Joe) did a great job of  improving it's water repellancy.

Full tang Kukri attached to my old canvas army pack. Both the kukri and Condor Hudson Bay got some rust. Due to my lateness in setting up camp I did not dry and oil them as I should have. I will fix them up at home.

3 season Katmandu down sleeping bag in a SOL Escape Bivy. This bivvy is super light weight, compact, waterproof and breathable. Supposed to reflect 80% of body heat but without the moisture build up. Designed as an emergency shelter but so far is doing a good job as my primary sleeping bag protector. 

This bivvy is quite small but suits me fine. Big people might find it too constricting. Sold at Top Gear and Blade Master for $76. New mosquito net came from Kiwi Disposals for under $20, not a bad price.

Early morning views from the ridge.

Early morning views from the ridge.

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