For heavy chopping, clearing bush etc I use a Tramontina Bolus style machete, its light, well balanced and at $25 I don't mind if it gets knocked about. It will throw sparks off its spine with a flint and is easy to pack out. I tend to use it primally if we are making a semi permanent bivvy, other wise it gets left at home. One cutting tool that is always with me is my Bahco folding saw it's light, easy to use and a safer option than either a machete or axe. Apart from processing fire wood I use it to cut shelter poles, making traps, bow drill sets, the list goes on.
I have two fixed blade knifes, a Duel hunting knife and a Light My Fire Mora. The Duel is my hunting knife as the style and build lends its self to skinning larger game and processing meat. Not that it can't be used for feather sticking or carving a bow drill set which it does admirably. Its a beautiful knife with the bonus of being made locally in Hawkes Bay. My Mora does everything any Mora can do, with the added advantage of a ferro rod in the handle. It's my fishing knife and will make short work of prepping a trout for tea or cutting up bait for the surfcaster. Both the knifes are stainless a choice I made because of the environments they would be used in.
I wear a Tool Logic neck knife with a compass and counting beads when out and about. The knife itself has a built in whistle and ferro rod. This is back up knife if I loose everything else.
I also keep a SAK in my ditty bag as a back up to which every knife I am carrying at the time. It's a Hunter with a good locking blade, saw, gut hook, awl etc I can't recommend this knife more highly, a little pricy at $80 but check it out.
Lastly my Leatherman Charge, there's not much more to say about multitools, I picked this up in the US for $120US, would I spend $300NZ today? The answer would be no, multi tools are heavy, uncomfortable to use for long periods of time and what do I want with 25 screwdriver bits in the bush. They are jack of all trades and master of none. In saying that I have carried one for many years on the off chance it would get me out of a pickle someday so with that said there will always be a place in the bottom of my pack for one.
That's my cutting tools, it's taken a long time to here and no doubt things will change as time goes on, if it does I'll let you know.

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