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Bulletin of Primitive Technology

from The Society of Primitive Technology

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The Society of Primitive Technology is a non-profit organization dedicated to the research, practice, and teaching of primitive technology.

The purpose of the Society of Primitive Technology is:

  1. to promote the practice and teaching of aboriginal skills;
  2. to foster communication between teachers and practitioners;
  3. to set standards for authenticity, ethics and quality.

The Bulletin is to serve as a means of accomplishing these goals.

Statement of Purpose: The primary activity of the organization is to promote the practice and teaching of primitive technology. Promotion entails both educating and informing any and all interested parties on a wide range of primitive/aboriginal life skills as well as setting standards for authenticity, ethics, and quality. Aboriginal life skills are defined here as those traditional technological skills which primitive peoples of any location, from the equator to the arctics, East to West, and of any time period, Paleolithic to post-contact, practiced or are still practicing, in order to perpetuate or to improve the quality of their lives. Generally this definition embraces pre-literate, pre-industrial lifeways, although some such traditional life skills may occassionally be found interwoven with advanced technological societies.

Because of a rapidly rising interest in primitive technology, among technologically advanced peoples, as a means of improving the quality of life on earth today, both advocationally and vocationally, the time came for an organization to be created to help mobilize this interest and promote the above activity. Accordingly in 1988, a proposal for an organization to be formed the following year was distributed to national leaders in the field. In November of 1989 a meeting of these leaders was held (at the Schiele Museum of Natural History in Gastonia, NC), a Board of Directors was created, and a society was formed. A statement of purpose was drafted and a means proposed for implementation of the society's goals. Since then, annual board meetings have been held each year at varying locations around the country to facilitate the maintenance of the society. To date, this has included incorporating with non-profit status and the creation of four publications, the Bulletin of Primitive Technology, the short-lived Primitive Technology Newsletter, and our books Primitive Technology I: A Book of Earth Skills, and Primitive Technology II: Ancestral Skills. The Board of Directors and its appointees are the ones responsible for implementing all of the above.

The principle purpose of the organization, therefore, is to try and help improve the quality of life of its members by providing access to the knowledge embraced by the field of primitive technology.

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