Ive been actively involved in learning bush craft since I was a young kid, knee high to a grass hooper.

Ive been teaching since I was 15 ehthusiastically turning friends n kindred strangers onto aspects of bushcraft

then some time later in 94 I started to teach professionally at schools

(primarily: plant identification, preparations n uses, be it edible, medicinal, utilitarian n shamanic uses;

various shelter building approaches, sensory attunement; re/learning the eilent n sounded languages of

nature; and assisting in teaching felting....


I toured about in the  spring, summer n fall, also having natural health booths at various festivals,

gatherings, etc (such as: Reggea on the River; WOMAD, Oregon Country Fair; Okanagon n Tonasket Barter

Fair; Black foot  and Nez Pierce indian gatherings, etc ) ,evenutally happily leaving the united slaves

permenently and heading into the wildernesses of South Amerca to learning bushcraft / indigenous living

skills experientially with Shuar n Hauroni ( n others) tribal friends who for various lengths of time I lived



I also was doing ethnobotanical research including shamanic experiential studies n practice,

permaculture observations n studies, guiding others in mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking n cycling,



I hesitantly left South America after a (near) death experience of my own dying due to stepicocus ( the

'flesh-eating' bacterial infection) from a fall, as I consider a certain n sacred part of Ecuador my true home,

especially in the Los Cedros Cloud Forest Reserva where I  lived, researched, taught, loved life n worked.


Ive been in NZ 8 plus years now, far longer then I ever intended to be considering theres Borneo, Papa New

Guine, Africa, Thialand n more to explore their wildernesses indepth and the indigenous tribal peoples

manner in living in harmonious relationship with nature n their own nature.

For the moment Im still here but will eventually move to live in a country which is by far more respectful

overall of nature ( unlike the insane use of 1080 within NZ ) n the indigenous peoples of that country.


In the mean time Im happy to share what I know n to learn from others in mutually respectful relationships

to one another.

For me, Nature is my equal, guide n best friend.


Im also involved as a musician (multi instrumentalist) n create all my own music for many years now

professionally. Non commerical/non formula music!

Focusing on performing (from time to time) n distributing my music in the progressive music scene of


I write contemplative writings as well as social/political commentary n surrealistic / abstract humour;

long time direct action political activist n supporter,  organic gardener / permaculture designer, medicinal

herbalist, massage therapist, counselor/psychologist, etc and enjoy Aikido/Tai Chi /Chi Gong n Yoga.


Have a positive n life inspiring day!






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