Hello, fellas and fellesses!


Just an update for your perusal. I will be doing a video soon updating my gear and my kit. I have been acquiring some new things to add to it, along the lines of the 10 C's, as taught by Dave Canterbury. It will change, of course, as New Zealand is a lot different from America.


I have started a new job, I'm doing security, and I work with a great bunch of blokes. We do 12 hour shifts, 5pm to 5am, 4 on, 4 off. Hey, I can handle that, beats wasting my life on welfare.


So, back on track.I have doubled up on a couple things, I'd rather have a spare of something I may need, than to lose it and make things hard for myself. Even D.C does this.


So, that's my life so far in a nutshell. I'll make this video as soon as I can, hopefully the sun will be out, and stay out, on that day!


Take everyone! Be safe out there, New Zealand Bushcraft needs your skills!



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