Here we go with round two. I had a whole lot of writing done, and was almost finished, when this damn page decided it was going to shut down all by itself! I hate it when that happens!


Now what was i saying? Oh yes, something about getting my pack sorted for summer.

This is depressing. I cant be bothered doing this again, yet I have to. (Crap).

OK. I think I was telling you all about what I was going to put into my pack. Something to do with Dave Canterbury's The 10 C's.

Which are: Cutting tool, Combustion, Covering, Container, Cargo, Compass, Cordage, Candle, Combination tool, and Cloth.

When I got the 10 C's all put together, I still have lots of room left. Then I think about sleeping arrangements - tent or tarp? Blanket or bag? Cooking utensils. Toiletries. Spare clothes. Footwear. Transport to and from. (Thank god I now have a car!). How wet or dry it's going to be at my location. Should I buy a hammock? Then I wouldn't have the need to lug a tent in there. Food. how much for how long? Etc, etc.

So, even though it may sound like a lot of hard work, I can usually get everything packed and ready to go in about half an hour.

I would love to hear from you other fellas about what you take, where you take it and why. Share your ideas, your stories, triumphs and defeats.

There you go, have at it!


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Comment by Rania Marsh on December 6, 2011 at 17:04

Thanks, brother!

Comment by Lachlan Jake Rogers on December 6, 2011 at 16:52

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